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New video - March 14, 2007

There are some new songs on video. Lately I've been writing songs of Faith and Death and Love. A very good friend of mine, Richard Lopez recently passed away. I don't have but 2 or 3 friends beside my brother and girlfriend. I wrote a song for him. I'll always remember the good times we shared. It's on the video page.

New songs - December 5, 2006

Check out these new songs on the music page. These are unreleased home recordings, (in the rough).

New fotos - November 11, 2006

Check out these new pictures from work, on the photos page.

Happy Birthday - October 25, 2006

It's my birthday,got my check yeah,fix my bumper! I'm 24.

More Dean videos on - August 20, 2006

I have additional videos posted on the links page for the url.

Available in many small record stores - May 19, 2006

Our CD's are now available in many small record stores. Ask your retailer about ordering the CD.

Movie "Fracture" - April 12, 2006

Just finished playing detective Pena on the movie "Fracture" starring Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, Billy Burke and Cliff Curtis. Check out the pictures from the set on the photos page.
I'm also currently in a Spanish language "Wendy's "commercial as a singer (go figure). It's the "No a la comida mediocre" campaign.

JFK - November 22, 2005

Today is the aniversary of the assasination of JFK. Here are some books I recommend on the subject.
"Best Evidence"
"Contract on America"
"Mafia Kingfish"
The evidence is hard to refute.
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