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Dean: Music/Video

What happened to my Country?

June 17, 2014
Dean Acevedo

What happened to my country?
land of the brave and free
they stole the bill of rights and they took our liberty

Hard work and honor stood for something
oh how things have changed
now it’s what can I get out of it
We have ourselves to blame

I have seen the enemy
and he is one of us
Our leaders are all traitors
who’ve thrown us neath the bus

You have a right a right to :
Petition the Government                                            
Speak out freely
live peacefully
to be free

We’ve been lied to and deceived
for so long we can’t tell
that black is black and white is white
and heaven ain’t like hell

In this land of plenty
Where plenty more are poor
the rich say it don’t matter
as long as they get more

They tell us that they’re patriots
with their “Patriot Act”
that way they can jail us
for whatever cause they have

Give me back my country
land of the brave and free
where people help each other
and it wasn’t just bout me

When will the people wake up
and take back what is theirs
They’ve been so distracted
it’s like they just don’t care

God I pray you come down
and teach these fools the truth
that right is right and wrong is wrong
and evil's bound to lose