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Dean: Music/Video

Sucking on the government nipple

Dean Acevedo
A tale of these difficult economic times
Sucking on the goverment nipple
you know it’s got to hurt just a little
I’m gonna cry
When it runs dry
I thank god for that breast in the sky

Sucking on that goverment nipple
I’ve got to squeeze that breast just a bit
When that milk flows
It tickles my throat
I thank God for that marvelous tit

I feel like I’ve been at the end of my rope
for what seems to me like forever
Sometimes it feels like, there ain’t much hope
I could be here till whenever

If it weren’t for the dole, there’d been little hope
That I’d pay the bills that come due
Thank God that I live in this geat land that gives
just enough help to get through


I’f I had a chjoice I’d rather be
back on the old 9-5
but I’m on the dole
sitting at home
finding a way to survive

Any American man would understand
how badly this hurts my pride
but until then I’ll hold out my hand
and stand in the government line