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Dean: Music/Video

America needs God

Dean Acevedo
My take on these troubled times and what we can do about it.
he early Christians they were persecuted 
Jesus Christ he was executed  
Today America’s under fire 

It's no surprise that she's under attack 
With so much at stake so much to be had 
America needs God now more than ever 
America feeds the hungry 
America helps the poor 
America brings the gospel to the world 
Who can she count on 
Who will deliver 
America needs God now more than ever 

There must be a reason 
These things have come to pass 
All of a sudden 
Things look really bad 
Why pick on America 
What did she do 
But give the world 
The gospel of truth 
When things look so bad 
You don't know what to do 
You ask yourself who can I turn to 
There's only one 
 power that's true 
God's the only one that can help you