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Dean: Music/Video

God bless my Mom & Dad

Dean Acevedo
This tells the story of my Mom & Dad.
God bless my Mom & Dad
they sacrificed for me
They tried to teach us right from wrong
and to respect authority

Some people wouls call it tough love
but it was love for sure
and I could never pay it back
if I lived a million years

Dad worked the whole day
with his hands inside the earth
and when he moved to L.A.
well it was just another world

Mom quit school when she was young
so she could go to work
but she made damn sure
that we did good in school

Dad read the bible every day
and mom she went to church
They taught us how to show respect
for people and thier work

My brothers all went to college
and they did graduate
some have masters degrees
and we try not to hate

I just want my folks to know
That I love them so
We didn’t have a lot back then
but we were never poor