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Dean: Music/Video

My name is Dean

Dean Acevedo
My name is Dean
Don’t you call me no chile bean
yeah I’m a long mean green string bean
All my friends call me the dream

My name is Dean
It ain’t Tim or Jim or Bin
Like my cousins down in old Mexiicali
They can’t say names like Dean or Dolly

I’m not Dean James
though it’s true that I used that name
gonna drive you all insane
cause that’s the way I plays my game

My name is Dean
And that’s the way is always been
It’s true my mama gave me that name
Gonna drive you all insane

My name is Dean
I got a brother his name is Luis
He drives a big red truck and please
He ain’t the rat who stole the cheese

My name is Dean
I got a girl her name is Nancy
She’s kind a cute but she ain’t too fancy
She’s really good that’s what she tells me