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Dean: Music/Video

My Love

Dean Acevedo
How can I tell you about my love?
How can I make you see?
All she is and all she does
and what she means to me

I wish you could walk my shoes
maybe then you’d see
the kind of love I’m talking about
she’s the one who loves me

She loves me if I’m good or bad
She love’s me all the time you see
She holds me tight inside her arms
I know she’ll always love me

She gives me peace
She gives me rest
She takes care of me

She me gives only
all her best
she gives me all I need

My love is like no other love
you’ll ever get the chance to know
She’ll pick you up from where you’re at
She don’t want you to be feeling low

maybe you will come to know
the kinda love that I have found
If you’re lucky and God wants
then maybe love will around