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Dean: Music/Video

She Talks Incessantly

She talks incessantly
Makes no sense to me
I think she moves her lips to stay alive

She has no place to stay
She’s got some where to be
won’t you please keep her away from me

and I don’t want to hear it
I don’t need to know that
won’t you please just keep her away from me

Stuff comes out her mouth
that should’ve come from farther South
wish I could just get away and run

I’d like to shut her up
But I’m way too polite
So I’ll just shut my mouth and bite my tongue

She’s on her way again
And it’s not all too soon
since she’s got no place that she calls home

She yap, yap, yaps ta me
She talks incessantly
Wish she’d bother someone else not me

I guess that I’m the one
the nearest victim
Guess I’d better turn away and run

And I don’t wanna hear it
I don't need to know that
please just keep that girl away from me