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Dean: Music/Video

Song for Bobby D

Dean Acevedo
This is a song of faith. It is dedicated to Pastor Scott. Check the links page.
Well I don’t know just how I’ll pay the rent
when the check comes you know it’s already spent
But I know that God takes care of me
Well I guess that’s just how it’s supposed to be

Sometime I get a little down
thinkin bout what’s gonna come around
Well it looks like nasty weather up ahead
But I know that it’s not my place to fret

Only God knows what tomorrow brings
I know I’m not supposed to worry bout them things
Sometimes it’s just hard to understand
That this whole mess is cradled in his hands

Maybe one day I’ll reach a point of peace
laying ten feet under a cool breeze
Till them I’ll have to hope and pray
that God will give strenght to faith