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Dean: Music/Video

He was my friend

Dean Acevedo
This song was written for my friend Richard Lopez. I sang it at his funeral. That was tough. I don't have but 2 or 3 friends besides my brother and my girlfriend. We shared some good times. He was only 49. I hope this song can capture who he was and what he meant to me.
He was my friend
yeah we’d hang out
we’d smoke and drink
and get real loud

sometimes we’d fight
and not talk for days
after a while
we’d all forget

we jammed together
get on a groove
he’d beat those bongos
and I’d sing the tunes

He was so sweet
when he was cool
but when he drank
he’d play the fool

He liked the finer
things in life
he was real kind
around my wife

if I’d a been there
I would’ve tried
to stop him from dying
on that fateful night

and I keep thinking
this can’t be true
God damn it man
I’ll sure miss you

You know that lately
I can’t stop crying
But I’ll be OK
God knows I’m trying