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Dean: Music/Video

Como Friegas Mujer-Just Another dude version

November 21, 2005
Como Friegas Mujer

Como friegas mujer
Piss me off once again
Debes parar y pensar
You just might push me too far

Sitting home and watching TV
sipping on an ice cold brew
Then you come a yelling at me
You sure know how to wreck a mood

One moment you’re so lovey dovey
Then you turn on me real fast
Bettter think about what you’re doing
If you want this love to last

Como chingas mi amor
Deja me en paz por favor
You know I love you, but hey
There’s just so much I can take

You’re making mountains out of molehills
The things that bug you I don’t know
Why can’t we talk it over calmly
No te ajuitas por favor

Tu sabes bien que yo te quiero
Maybe It’s not all your fault
Maybe you’re mama never taught you
Just how to stop from run your mouth