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Dean: Music/Video


November 23, 2005
Unreleased Home Recording.
Pair of Docs?
When left is right and big is small
And false is true there’s no logic at all
And fantasy becomes reality
And something is and cannot be

You die to live and live to give
Lose your freedom to be free
And something is and cannot be
It’s a paradox to you and me

And it’s true, the legend the myth and the dream
And it’s real, like a movie the good guys do win
And it’s real, as real as the atom unseen
And it’s true, beyond all our wildest dreams

And when you think your love is gone
Don’t give up just hold on
Cause she’ll come through every time
As surely as the sun will shine

Way beyond your expectations
Wilder than your imagination
Take a chance with your reputation
It’s a paradox this situation