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Dean: Music/Video

Fantasy lover

(Henry Gutierrez & Bill Gibson)
November 23, 2005
Dean Acevedo, Henry Gutierrez & Bill Gibson
Unreleased Home Recording-
Lyric by Dean Acevedo
Music by Henry Gutierrez & Bill Gibson
My tempeture’s rising
I’m ready to rock
I smell you coming
You’re looking so hot
Everyone’s staring as you walk by
You’re gonna make all the young
men cry

Fantasy lover in you tight jeans
Fantasy lover to the extreme
Why won’t you help me?
Why can’t you see?
How bad I want you
How good it would be

I see you baby walking away
I know that some day you’re
gonna pay
For all the loving
You have denied
Down on your knees
baby you’re gonna cry

I’ve been calculating
How to get you in bed
Your making me bored
I wish I was dead
You’re gonna love
or you’re gonna leave
Dreamer of dreams