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Dean: Music/Video

Down with my homies

November 22, 2005
Unreleased Home Recording
Here’s a little story about my homeys

I was sitting at home with nothing to do
Feeling bored and a little blue
Then I heard the phone and I answered hey yo
A friend of mine said come on over
And I said, “ Yeah baby,I’ll be right there”
Cause I’m down with you homey
And I took right off

So when I arrived he had all the goods
The place was raging with a nasty groove
And I was glad to be with my company
And it was good for me to be
Down with my homeys

Felt real good to get down with those bad ass homeys of mine

Well we sang and laughed
and we slapped some skin
We had fun all night till the cows came in
And it’s good to be with my company
And I’m glad to be down with my homeys

It’s good to get down with your homeys
Don’t you know me baby, Ain’t no boloney

Here I come baby, tell you what happened

Later on I was feeling sick
I had too much food
I had too much drink
And I couldn’t drive couldn’t even move
Asked my homes,” Can I stay with you?”

He said,” Yeah homey,”
Cause I’m down with you homey
You don’t have to go

So when you feel that you’re all alone
Call on your friends call on your homes
There’s no need to feel so blue and lonely
Not if you’ve got friends and you’re down withyour homeys

Get down with your homeys