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Dean: Music/Video

Northern California

Walking in your Redwood forest
feeling earth’s embrace
Strolling down your beaches
while life passion hits my face

This sure feels like paradice
am I still awake
Pinh me if I’m dreaming it’s too beautiful a day

Northern California land where I was born
Take me back to those cool nights with you
Northern California that’s where I belong
How I wish I could be there with you

Yes I love your woman
so natural and sweet
All the people smile
as you pass them on the street

There’s a crisp and friendly feeling
floating in the air
Peace and love and groovy music
flowers in your hair


One day I’ll get back there
to that land I love
Where the mountains and the ocean
meet the sky above

Every day I think of her
I see her in my mind
Her beauty’s always with me
till the day I die